Genuinity of Logic Planet inc for H1b sponsorship

Hello Guys,

Has anyone heard about Logicplanet Inc services. They have posted on linkedin regarding providing fresh H1b sponsorship. I would appreciate if anyone has any information about them being legit.


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I was in contact with them a month back. They said that they got all their petitions approved in the last 2 years.

MyVisajobs data also supports their claim. But I have no contacts inside Logic Planet.

You can share if you get any updates.



i was in contact with them too, they are claiming that 90 % of their H1 petitions got approved last year, and they are asking for 5000 US dollar to sponsor you for H1 visa fee, But they will not give you anything in written , They are saying all the document like offer letter, Lca number you will get later once you deposit this money by money order.

is there anybody who is going to file his/her H1 through Logic planet this year??

Did anyone filed through this consultancy last year? since they say they do not provide anything in writing will they pay back if its not picked in lottery?


I too am looking for more information about this company. Would appreciate if someone who has worked with or knows someone who has worked with logic planet to share your experience.

they are not giving anything in writing and they will return the money (4200-4300 out of 5000 dollar) if your file is not picked up in the lottery after 2 months from the lottery result

Hi Amit,
Are you going to file H1b throught Logic Planet?? please let me know ASAP. i too think to file for me. kindly let me know at the arliest.

Hi Meghna, this is Shyam from Logic Planet - I will let you know more about the process - E-mails are not allowed - 732-512-0009 x 111.

how is the communication between you & logic planet is happening? are they sending emails via their official email address or from unofficial ones like outlook / gmail?

I also got call from them, Is this company genuine ? can we file H1 with them ?


I also got a call from logic planet, Guys please help if someone have filled there H1B from logicplanet. Please share your experience or call at 9492664510



Did anyone is filing through Logic Planet. They are asking for big amount and is not giving anything in written. Is it fine to file with them. Please help in deciding this.

Hi Ashi,

I am planning to go with them as so far could not find any negative review though nothing positive either.

Let me know if came across any more information about logic planet or any other good sponsor.

Please guys if anyone has filed h1b thru logicplanet.They are not giving anthing written.Need your comments.

Please give our comments if anyone has filed thru logicplanet .If visa is denied the are not giving anything back,so big loss

Hi, Please let me know howmuch logicplanet is charging for sponsoring H1B visa. i am also looking… thanks.

did any one file via lp ? how’s the response further …did they provide any tracking info so far or any other confirmation ?

They have not provided any details so far, please let me know if u come across any update.