Genuinity of Argha technologies or DWPractice companies for H1B Sponsorship

Helo All,

Can any one post suggestions about the mentioned companies,are they Genuine or Not…Argha is charging 2L INR and DWP is 5K $…with ine year contract on 70-30 Basis…

Any Help/Suggestions are highly appreciated.

Thanks in Adavace

Hi guys, please please please let me know if anyone has got the information about these. How far we can trust these guys. It is not about the money, but it is the matter about the time and life. any case if it is not genuine our whole one year time will be gone and also at the same time our confidance level also will be gone. So please let me know asap.

Hi Srinath, Any luck of finding any information on the Argha Services. Actually, I am confused should I pay them without any written confirmation from their side.

Hi Srinath,last year Argha inc has filed 24 h1b applications,see the link
Are you going ahead with them?

i didnt find much information on these…wat abt u??do hav any luck?

Hi Srinath ,

Spoke with then yesterday ,it seems we need to pay the amount via thirdparty , I am not sure if they are genuine or not , Super confused .Please let me know if you know any more details of this company


even i am also looking for the genuinity of dwpractice,they ask me to pay amount through 3 rd party,Is it reliable.

Hi Krishna,

You means that you have applied for H1b 3 times(3Yrs) and you got selected now?
How much they have taken, remember last time they asked 2L?

Dear Anil/ Anyone,

Did anyone got h1 through this?

I have also got offer from them for this year with some charges/fee,

Can you guys can help me in should I go with opportunity or no.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

even i am looking for some information

Hi, Is it got rejected at Stamping level? or when they submiting the documents post the lottery?

can some body reply whether they got visa recently?

Thanks much. It seems got rejected recently.Can we know the consultancy name? IS it the Argha Services?

can some body reply whether they got visa recently?