Gc processing while in India


My employer is filing gc for me - eb2. Perm not filed yet, only in the ad phase.If I go for international transfer to India before my perm is filed , can the process continue till my i140 is approved.

There is a risk. Your petition can be considered as abandoned if your location is identified as being outside of US borders. People have tried to wait outside the country limits for this, it has worked for some but has caused consequences for others. Your existing visa must not expire when you are abroad because you will attract the ‘intent to immigrate’ clause on DS 160 when applying for a visa extension

This is completely Ok . But the future of your GC process depends on what is your queue .GC is an independent process and often mistaken as something which can Only be applied after h1. The only difference between being in the US is once you are current you can’t opt for adjustment of status (AOS) instead will have to apply for a visa at a consulate abroad known as consular processing.

AOS allows you to be in US in a valid status while you are waiting for your green card.