GC processing on L1B to L1A conversion

Hi All,

There is very urgent situation and I need your help. I have done H1 with employer B in year 2013 and got COS approved from 1st Oct 2013. I am still working with my employer A on L1B till today (10th Nov) and my L1-B Visa/I-94 is expiring on Jan-14.

Now the situation is , employer A wants to retain me on L1 and wants to file my GC in Jan-2014 along with my L1B to L1A Conversion and asking me to revert back my status to L1 by travelling outside of States. Here are my questions :-

  1. Can employer A file by Greencard in Jan-14 along with my L1B to L1A conversion (as I wouldnt be in any status), if yes how much time will it take until it is in I-140 status and I can stay in US without any problem and lets say they are filing in EB-2 as I dont think they can do EB-1 as I wouldnt be eligible for that.

  2. Will that be fine to travel outside to Mexico now and enter on L1 again?

  3. Can I go to India in June-14 when my GC is in process, will it have any impact on my GC?, I guess I need to take some parole permission , please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

Can someone please provide input to this question it is very urgent.