GC EAD laid off

Hi Saurabh,
How to proceed with Green Card EAD and I485 pending with USCIS and being laid off?

When moving to next job just I485 J supplement is enough to start the work with next employer?
Also, should my H1b also need to be transferred to the next employer in addition to this?

When I485 becomes current, can the new employer’s bonafide will be good for approval of I485, GC?

It is not a requirement to file before you start the job. The employer may file I-485J after you start the job.

Yes if you get a job within 60 days of your lay off and if you haven’t received the GC EAD. Otherwise you can work on GC EAD, no need for H1B transfer ( within 60 days) or new cap-exempt petition after 60 days.


Thanks a lot Kalpesh!