FY 2014 H-1B cap will require a lottery

According to the following link there will be lottery among Petitions recieved from April1 to April 5 if Applications exceed the 65,000 count within the first 5 days:-

Here is yet another link from Immigration Daily that doubts this cap getting reached within first 5 days itself & also mentions a potential political explanation of why USCIS is jumping out with this kind of a statement:

Quote from the above link:

“…Surely the general economy has not recovered to a point that this date would be preponed all the way to the first week of April, thus triggering the lottery. The issue therefore resolves to whether the IT companies have recovered better than the rest of the economy and whether they expect to file so many new H1B petitions as to trigger the lottery. Immigration Daily has learned that no such large filings are planned. It is our belief that the H1B filings will therefore not be so overwhelming as to trigger the lottery…”

Yeah, I think it could be Political move.