Full time work with student visa

In India i have 3 Yrs of exp in software (Mainframes). but i am planning to do MS in VLSI domain. i have done with GRE and TOEFL. i have a chance to transfer my job from here to US branch. Please help me on that what i have to do to continue my job while studying MS. if i got a I-20 from University how to approach them to request this and from which semister they will allow me to work. because i have exp on IT but i am doing VLSI.

Employment rules are strict on an F-1 visa. Hours per week of permitted employment are defined and that too only after certain credit hour requirements have been met. Universities encourage that students work during education but BCIS regulations overrule such human interest opinion. I suggest that you ask an admissions counselor at your University on what work policies are in place for F-1 students and then compare with another University such as mine by emailing international@chu.edu. This way you will know exactly what the rules are. We do not offer MS in VLSI domain but your question on F-1 employment will help so many international students. Please do post here on what you find out.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu