From H4 to H1B Visa through a consultancy based out of US.

Hi Saurabh,

I am on H4 Visa as of now and in talks with one consultancy based out of US who is ready to file my H1 Visa this year only if i provide them with a client letter or a sponsorship letter. In that case i have two options :

  1. One option is i can ask my Indian company to give me the client letter as they have registered office in US but as of now only couple of employees are there.

  2. I have another company based out of US who is ready to provide me the client letter needed to file H1 visa.

Now the questions are:

  1. Which option should i choose?

  2. What are the risks involved if i go with my present Indian employer as they are not fully operational in US . Will this affect my petition also.

  3. What kind of reference check USCIS will perform if i opt for indian company?

4.Can i opt for premium processing?

Waiting for your reply.



Actually it’s not just about the client letter. What this letter signifies is that the client (say X) is ready to have a contract w/ your H-1 employer (say Y) for $$$ rate and hire you as a contractor to do ZZZZ services.

So you need to first figure out if the 2 potential ‘clients’ are ready to have a contract w/ this H-1 sponsoring firm and what kind of work will they have for you to perform. Then you can know which company can issue a feasible client letter.

You can go for premium processing, but it only helps in speedy decision. Even if petition gets approved within 15 calendar days, you still cannot work until Oct 1. So decide wisely whether to spend $1225 on this or not.