fresh h1b stamping -> transfer without paystubs

Got h1b visa stamped this is 3rd visa stamp, before going to usa employer creating problems/issues. Can i goto usa immediately and find new employer and transfer h1b visa without paystubs.

Why without payslips? If this is your 3rd H-1 visa stamping, then you must have traveled to US before. You would need to submit payslips for those periods. In general one needs to submit 3 recent payslips for the most recent stay in US.

So if you file H-1 transfer on the 10th day, that means 3 payslips from your old stay in US. If you file H-1 transfer on the 32nd day, that means 2 payslips from your old stay and 1 payslip from the new period.

Also, your current employer should be willing to call you back on employment if you want to return on their H-1 petition. You also need to work for them until your transfer petition is filed.