Fresh h1b got second RFE - urgent

Hi Saurabh,

Here is my situation. I got first RFE for client letter and information from employer. Both were submitted and yesterday I again got a second RFE. My contract with the client is ending on June 30, 2013. The same was mentioned in the client letter with potential extensions for 3 years that we submitted. Now i got RFE for this asking to provide evidence that my contract will be extended since my contract is ending in june which is in a month. My client manager recently confirmed that my contract will be extended till this december 2013 (client usually keep extending every 6 months, I am working with the same client since oct 2011).

So can you please suggest me what all documents I can provide to make sure everything will go fine this time. Please reply.


If the client has confirmed the 6 month extension, then submit a copy of that. It is also helpful if you can get a letter from the client saying that they foresee this project to be a long term and cannot issue contract of more than 6 month duration b/c of company policy. If they have done extensions in the past for this project then you can submit those as well to show that they extend it in 6 months period.

Do you have an attorney on the case?

Thanks for your reply saurabh. Yes I hav an attorney. Planning to get the new PO and also the old ones. Mine is evc model. Just wanted to confirm what all I can submit to support my rfe.