fresh H1B - change of employer


I am on L1B with company A in US. This year 2012 April company B has sponsered my H1B visa and it is approved.Even it is approved.I knew I will not be able to work till october 1st.

Due to some reasons my project is end and I return to India in June on L1B only.

I need to get stamped before I come to us to work for employer B on H1B visa right?

My question:

Since I am in India, are clients ready to give POs now a days?

Can I transfer my H1B visa to employer C in India and then go for stamping ? in this way I will have project there by PO.

Is there any minimun time period that I need to work for company B who sponsered my H1B visa ?

You can transfer your H1B to new employer . It that case you need to wait until your COS is approved then only you can go for stamping



Hi Vivek,

Thank you for the reply.In my petition I-797A it is mentioned as “The above petition and change of status has been approved”. Does it mean COS is approved?

Yes. You are correct. Your COS is approved.