Fraud Detection Fee $500


I got to know that there is a Fraud Detection fee payment of $500 that needs to be done before consular interview. I have following questions

  1. Does Indian Credit Card like HDFC/ICICI work?
  2. Do we get receipt of the same to reimburse later?
  3. What is the conversion rate to be used in case to be paid in Cash?
  4. What name the DD to be drawn…I saw different names on 2-3 sites, hence confirming

Any assistance will be helpful


Are you approved under blanket L1? For India there dont seem to be any reciprocatory fee for fraud detection but I may be interpreting it wrong.

Just call ustraveldocs and double check

The instructions from my Attorney say, I need to pay this fee. I checked with customer care of US embassy this morning, and they said current rate of USD to INR is 76, but it might change. So I think its risky to draw a DD as the amount might differ with FX rate. ALso I have read some experiences that Credit card sometimes doesnt work due to international $ payment. So best and safe way is to carry cash, in my conclusion. Thanks for your help but for below links