Form 221g - Blue slip - AP marked

Hi, I got blue slip 221g with Administrative Processing marked. Weird thing is I was not asked for even a single document. I had everything with me including the client letter. Only 5 minutes spent with the VO. Asked for passport. Provided. Employer, highest degree, client, roles and responsibilities. Answered, That’s it. VO retained my passport. This is my first experience for US H1b type. I had RFE too initially. Interview date: 8-12-2015Location: Chennai

What is the probability of my VISA getting approved? For some they do not collect Passports and issue blue slip, whereas for me they retained my passport with them. Is it a good sign?

Retaining a passport is good sign. A slip doesn’t always mean they need something from you. At times, it is some administrative processing at their end like PIMS update etc. However, there is no set SLA on how soon it should get resolved.

Thanks Saurabh! But is there any minimum time or maximum time for these processing to get done ? As keep checking the status is killing ! How you seen similar cases?

There is no min or max time. I have seen cases that got approved within a week and others that took several months.

okay thank you very much for the information.

Hi, mine is exactly your case. Please update your status incase you get any info. Thanks

Twice dates got updated but status remains AP.
Interview date: 8/12/15
Update 1: 14/12/15
Update 2: 17/12/15
Waiting is horrible. :frowning: Fingers crossed !!!

Best of luck.

Thanks friend for the update. Yup this wait time is horrible. Let’s hope for the best :slight_smile:

@ Saurabh, Today (19/12/15) when I checked the status @CGIFederal, it says Document Delivery Information (with empty content in it) earlier it was passport is still with consulate. But no updates in the status in CEAC tracker. Still remains AP. Any info on this?

@Race4visa Not sure what it means. You can call them and ask about it.

Hi,Today (21/12/15) status changed to Issued !

All the best for you @abs2015

Congrats mate and all the best :slight_smile:
Thanks for ur update and wishes. You have eased my pressure. :slight_smile:

hi, got my visa yesterday :slight_smile: