Foreign Travel after landing in USA but before joining work in USA

Hello friends,

I am getting my H1B stamped in the first week of November. I am landing in the USA in the first week of December. I’m joining work on the first week of January but I’m travelling to Canada by road for a days after landing in the USA. I have a valid Canadian visa etc.

Is travelling to Canada a problem I.e. Is it risky, because I’m landing in the USA not joining work, going out of country to Canada and then coming back to USA again and thereafter joining work?

Also, is there an issue because I’m joining work 2 months after getting my visa stamped.

Secondly, I’m joining my office in LA and then after a week transferring to Chicago , after a transfer petition is filed. My original H1b was approved for the LA office but my current work location will be Chicago. Will this condition cause any problems with respect to reentering USA based on the above travel schedule?

Thanks in advance for your help.