For I539 and I539A - I-94, Perm Processing questions

I am filling this extension based on my spouse H1B extension receipt and it is not yet approved;

  1. To the question in part 3 #3.a “Is this application based on a separate petition or application to give your spouse, child, or parent an extension or change of status?” I selected “Yes, filed previously and pending with USCIS” Then it says give the receipt number and “First and Last Name of Petitioner or Applicant”. So here, what name to mention, company name/spouse name? Because in my spouse H1B extension receipt, company name is mentioned in ‘Petitioner section’ and in ‘Beneficiary section’, A number and spouse name is given.

  2. In I-539A for child in Part 2 #7 Date of arrival should be given last entered date as per recent I94 or the date on which child arrived in USA for the first time?

  3. The principal H1B applicant I-140 is approved, so do I and child seeking H4 extension need to say Yes to any of below questions “Has any immigrant visa petition ever been filed by or any other in this application” ?

  1. You put in applicant name, which is your spouse name. It say applicant too… There is always applicant info in all the forms. It is better to give your spouse name to tie the applications together for adjudication.
  2. It will be as per recent I-94. You can check it online. Read How to find I-94 Info online
  3. If you were also part of the I-140, then you would say yes. If no green card process started for both of you, then it would be no.

Thank You for clarifying it Kumar. So in part 3 #4 I will put spouse(H1B applicant) first and last name and in #5 which date shall I give? Is it Received Date OR Receipt Date from the I797C for H1B applicant extension?