For H1B Premium Processing when person can fly for Work?


For H1B Premium Processing when person can fly for Work? As i know in case of H1B premium processing we can get get Approved or Rejected Petition within 15 working days .

So can i fly for Work after As soon as i stamped my visa.(before 1st Oct )


first get the petition approved - 5-15 days for PP

one approved - wait for petition to be mailed - 5-10 days

Visa: DS160/bank payment/appointmentdates ( finger printing and visa interview) - 2-3days or more depending on earliest date available

after approval - 4-5 days to get passport back

Thanks you very much for Info…it Sounds good for me :slight_smile:
Just to clear when i get Stamped Passport Back, Can i Immediately Fly for work OR Still i have to wait till 1st Oct ?

If on petition date has been mentioned 1st oct you can fly upto 15 days in adv. BTW its 24th OCT today.

:slight_smile: Thanks. Actually i will apply. so if i can fly before 1st Oct. than only i will go for Premium processing . Else will go for Regular.
(don’t mind if you can Ans with YES or No …can i give, work date on petition before Oct so that i can go for wok before Oct)

Hi ,
May i get Answer of this Question Please.I am confused.