For getting dependent visa

I applied on F1 visa for 5 times & I got rejection. Recently, I have got last rejection almost 2 days ago, so my question is that now I want to go on F2 visa. My husband is there on F1 visa since 7 months & we married in february-2015. So can I apply on F2 visa? Will I get the visa? Is there any problem with my F2 visa , just because I have applied on F1? & what should I must take care?

What were the reasons for your F-1 visa rejection?

Usually F-1 rejection will not impact F-2 stamping as long as F-1 wasn’t rejected due to fraud documents and/or information. If F-1 was denied b/c you were considered potential immigrant, it may cause F-2 stamping to go either way. Logic is that you are dependent of F-1 who has already been vetted and considered ok to travel to US. As a dependent, you should not face any such additional scrutiny.

Well, they didn’t give me a specific reason why my F1 visa refuse. & I think I have a 3 years study gap,so may be… but How can I know that the reason behind my every rejection?

Do you remember if they were issuing 221g or 214b as rejection reason? If you do not remember, still you can go ahead and give F-2 a try. It’s worth a shot.

Thank you sir. I have just got a F1 rejection on 1st july-2016, so after How much time I should apply on F2?
& I do not know 221g & 214b, What is that?

There is no cooling period. You can appear for F-2 interview at the next available slot.

221g rejection is when consulate didn’t find you eligible enough for the visa
214b rejection is when consulate deduced that you are a potential immigrant and hence not eligible for F-1 which is a pure non-immigrant visa.

& my husband changed his college after going overthere,so it will be impact on my f2??

Should not as long as I-20 was transferred legally etc.

Hello… still I do not put my F2 visa file… but I have a question… because of the survival problem, my husband took 2 transfer… 1st from Ohio in masters to Chicago in associate degree… & 2nd is Chicago in associate to Virginia in masters… He has completed his 2 semester of masters… now he want to come to meet us… but he is afraid because of taking 2nd transfer in associate degree, so because of this reason, they will deny his entry???