For GC- please help me it's little urgent

Hi Saurabh,

I need your help to decide my future path. I am currently working with a small consulting company with big end client. I recently got a full-time job offer with small product base company (bigger then my current consulting company). Both are ready to sponsor my GC immediately. I have less than a year left on my H1B Max out. Could you please suggest which one will be better option for GC?

Thank you so much for all help!

It depends on the product. If it is human health relevant, a patent has been approved, the product is moving towards license / commercial stage within one year, then the smaller company would be a good choice. If any of the above is a no, then we advice you to be safe.

Thank you for quick response!

It is non medical related product company and their product is in market from past couple(around 6-7 year) of years.Could you please suggest if it is fine?

Could you please suggest?