For Canadian Born citizens, how much time to get green card under EB2 and EB3 categories?

I am a Canadian Born citizen, and would like to convert H1B to green card under EB3. My company will sposor me. How long does it take for the green card (approximately). Does Canadian Born citizen have any preference in time taken ?

I have the same question. Kumar would you be able to help here.

I understand that the GC wait times and priority dates are country dependent. Rather citizenship dependent.

Hence Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, Philipinos take 8-12 years for GC completion.

On the other hand Canadian citizens don’t have any wait period in EB1 and EB2. EB3 they may have some. Their PD is current.

I have one date. Does USCIS consider Canada born citizens differently than someone who has gone through the PR to Citizenship route?

Do canadian born citizens get any preference in US GC?

Country of birth determines which country you will be counted against. So if someone is born in Canada, it would be considered part of Rest of the World and get favorable dates.