FNU LNU in H1B Petition and H1B Stamp

				First Name

				Last name


				AAAA kumar




				AAAA Kumar




				Name of Beneficiary

				[b]H1B Petition 2013[/b]

				no Name Given, AAAA Kumar

				[b]H1B Transfer 2014 Petition[/b]

				LNU, Parmod Kumar




				First Name

				Last name


				[b]H1B Visa 2013[/b]


				AAAA Kumar

				As per DS160 I put my first name in Last name and FNU in my first name.

				[b]H1B Visa  Stamping[/b]







				What should I use DS160 First name and last name when I will go for stamping.

				Is there could be an issue as my current Petition approve as LNU instead of last petition as (No Name Given)  in first name. And FNU in my last H1B visa stamp.

				Please guys let me know the impact and cushion in need to use. And advice or view in this situation.

Hi Pramod,

I am in the same position as you and i am not sure what to fill in the DS160 and the Appointment. Can you share your experience please

So far i never visited India… I am sure You need to fill DS 160 as per your passport details regardless what is in Petition. Our company attorney mentioned older name as well in i-129 in Other name Used column so my i-129 has both name One with FNU and other with LNU… Look like you have to use DS160 as First Name FNU and Last name your given name in passport.