FNU in first name - possible issues in US ?


I have recently got my H1 visa stamp.

My passport has

First name - XXXXXX YYYYYY

Last name - BLANK

where XXXXXX is my name and YYYYY is SURNAME.

My petition has (I-129, I 797)

First name - XXXXXX

Last name - YYYYY

My visa stamp has

First name - FNU

Last name as - XXXXXX YYYYY

Which is as expected as they check the passport while granting visa.

Now my question is whether I will face any problem in the following scnearios and what should I fill as my first name and last name while application :

  1. While entering US, in my I-94 application , what should I fill as first name and last name

  2. While applying SSN?

  3. While applying for Drivign license at DMV ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.