Flying USA on old stamped visa , with new employer's I-797/LCA/Offer letter

Hello ,

I have not traveled to US yet. I got H1b approved from Company X (in 2014-DEC), got stamped with them in HYDERABAD (with Visa validity till 30th September 2015 ).

Now I got another petitioner which is offering a permanent job and they filed my H1b Quota Exemption which got approved.

(Visa stamp is still there on my passport with company A, I am planning to travel to US on 5th of Sept 2015)

Before flying , would like to put some queries hope to get answered !

  1. Its okay and genuine if I don’t go for stamping , and with my old stamped visa (having expiry date :- 30th Sept ) I can fly to US by carrying new I-797/LCA/Offer-letter and rest of docs related to new employer itself?

  2. As per new employer My POE would be New-work JFK , What all questions should spit out from POE officer ?

  3. It would be helpful if someone put more picture on what all documents I should keep handy at POE (Being working on In-house project )

Thanks !

Stamping is required if I am not wrong

Did you go to the interview with the origina I-797 form?