First time travel on Old companies Visa stamp with new petition

I got H1b approved from Company A, got stamped with them in Delhi. I have not traveled to US yet. I got another petitioner which is offering a permanent job and they filed my H1b Quota Exemption which got approved. Company A has told me that they have revoked my Visa alothough the stamp is still there on my passport. Now its time to travel.

  1. Please suggest should I go for fresh stamping or old stamping will work?

  2. If No, Is there any risk that at POE if the officer see that Visa in my Passport is no longer valid then there will be a problem.

  3. I need to get my wife and daughter’s H4 stamped also. So, will they face any complication at embassy with mismatch Visa/ H1-B petition.



You can travel with your old visa stamped, but you must madatory carry your new approval with you. You need to show your Company B’s approval notice at POE. Only Petitions can revoked. Visa’s cannot be revoked by employer… If your going for new stamping now itself you can enter only after October 1st. If your plan is to enter after oct then you can opt for new stamping

Thanks Vekabaram,

So my family can go for Visa stamping with my New employer petition then this mismatch will not be a problem.

Is this somewhere documented so that I can pass on to my HR and they can also agree to this.

I wanted to travel after Oct, 2012 but quite worried about the Stamping rejection ratio thats why I am avoiding it. Because last time I got RFE but it got cleared, Not sure about this time.

So dont wanted to take risk.Are there same chances of rejection as in the first case?

Thanks again for your prompt response.

I can understand your comment about the stamping… Since your are planned to go after october. it is better to get it stamped on new employer… that could be better option… Check with your employer B legal department…there are many new amendments happened to H1B rules.


I am in similar situation and wanted to check were you able to travel without any issues to US using old employer visa stamp and new petition.


Yes I traveled with previous company stamp and new company’s i797 without any problem. I traveled twice.