First Time Home Country Stamping - H1B ? Currently working in Dubai

Dear Saurabh/LionKing,

Is it necessary to go for visa interview from Home Country ? As per your answers in blog.

I’m an Indian Citizen currently working in Dubai. Applied for H1B for first time from an US based IT consulting services company, they dont have any branch in other country.

I’m currently working with Dubai based IT company.

Thanks in Advance fro your reply

If you are currently staying in Dubai for work, then you can go to consulate in Dubai as well. However, different consulates have different policies for TCNs (third country nationals). Call them and confirm if you can attend the interview there. I think they will say Yes but its better to confirm.

Dear Saurabh,

Please share your expertise, guidance and advice for my case below,

Employer: US Based Employer (IT Consultancy with 30+ employees)

Model: EC

Petition Approved: 3 Years

Consulate: Dubai

DOI: 30 Oct 2013


VO: Good Morning

Me: Good Morning

VO: Purpose of travel?

Me: Temperory Non-Immi H1B

VO: Role?

Me: Software Programmer

VO: Place of Work?


VO: Company located ?


VO: How do you come to know about this position?


VO: Current role and company?


VO: Your Qualification?


VO: Your Previous work experience?


VO: Salary offered in USA?


VO: Fine as it is H1B it takes some time to issue visa, please note this case number in the “Yellow Slip” for update every two weeks. No documents asked Nothing went wrong with details provided in the interview.

Please let me know for similar experience and cases or advice.

Hi Mohammed,
What happened finally? Did you get the visa stamped?
Why was the yellow slip given?