First time H4 visa Stamping with expired H1B

Hi all,
I have the following situation,

. I plan to get married in Nov 2022
. I have a new and approved i797 after my renewal of H1B and also have an approved I-140
. My old stamping on my passport has expired and I need a new H1B stamping too for which I already have the approved i797 as mentioned above
. I am eligible for a Dropbox and I got a Dropbox appointment at chennai
. 14 days after my Dropbox appointment my spouse has her first time biometric and consular interviews

My question is : Chennai has been experiencing a lot of delays and in the case that my passport is not returned before my spouse goes to her H4 visa stamping can she use my i797 and I-140 to get the stamping or does she need my passport with the new visa stamped?