First time H4 Visa Stamping - Principle Applicant Change of Employer, No pay stubs received yet


I was working with employer A and I have recently joined with employer B.

As I have joined recently, I didn’t receive any pay stubs from the new employer.

Now I want to send my wife for H4 stamping (1st time) in India.

I have the following

  • New employer I797B

  • Old Employer I797B

  • old employer pay stubs

  • W2 from old employer

I heard that, pay stubs are required for H4 stamping.

Now I am in doubt - whether I can send her or I need to wait for a month, get the pay stubs from new employer and send her.

Can I send her for H4 stamping with the above documents?

I want to send her asap. I am in big confusion. Any help is appreciated.

Could you please suggest me?

Thanks in advance.