First time H4 visa stamping in Canada


I am on a H1B visa. My wife currently lives and works in Canada, and we have an appointment for her H4 visa interview at the US Consulate in Toronto. I have a couple of questions regarding the acceptability of documents as a third country national.

We are both Indian nationals and recently got married in India. Our marriage certificate is in local language and also in English, and clearly states our names, wedding date and place, and the registration number. It is certified by the state government of the state that both of us reside in, in India.

  1. Will the marriage certificate from India suffice as proof of her dependent relationship to me? The list of suggested documents generated with the appointment confirmation does not mention any other documents but I want to be sure.
  2. Will the US Consulate in Canada accept a document from state authorities in India as a valid proof, or do we need any additional information e.g., a notarized document or an affidavit? We have all the other supporting documents required for H4 visa e.g. copy of I797 approval notice, pay stubs, employment verification letter, proof of her legal status in Canada, etc.

Any advice you can provide will be helpful. Thank you!

Yes, this shpuld be food enough. I would also suggest carrying some wedding pictures/album to the interview.

Generally the original marriage certificate will have the marraige registrar stamp and signed so if you are carrying original you dont need it notarized. If its a copy, you can notarized locally in Canada.