First time H1B visa stamping - reserving a slot

Hello all. I am working on my OPT right now and got my H1B picked up in the lottery. However, the status still reads as “Being Processed”. I heard from one of my friends that the visa slots in India have been filling up fast for December. So, can I reserve my visa slot even before I get a decision on my H1 visa? If yes, can you also direct me to the website where I can reserve the slot? Thanks in advance - Venkat

As you are on OPT, I assume you are in USA already. In that case, you would have applied H1B as COS, why would you want to apply for Visa stamping now? Once your COS is approved, you can continue to work in USA in H1 and get stamping when you travel out of USA.

For Visa stamping, you need to fill DS 160 first.In DS 160, you need loads of information from the H1B petition. Its better to have the approval notice and H1B petition with you while filling it. Once an appointment slot is booked, you can reschedule it only for definite number of times. Are you sure you would get approval before that? I would recommend you to wait until you get your approval. Of course, you can prepare yourself for the interview and collect all the required document but I would request you to hold on for slot booking alone.

click the above link for more info on visa stamping.

Thank you so much for the reply @mathuram. I have plans for traveling to India in December. So I am worried that the Visa slots gets filled out. So I was wondering if I could book my Visa slot even before it gets approved!