First time H1b visa stamping outside India (Home Country)


I need few suggestion regarding the h1b stamping.

  1. I am an Indian passport holder. A company filed the H1b visa for me in 2016 and got selected. The I-797B petition is having the consulate name as “Kolkata”.

  2. In the meantime I came to australia in temporary work-visa (457). And now, the US company is asking me to go for stamping here in Australia. Currently, I am in Australia for almost 10 months.

Under this circumstance, should I go for stamping in australia ? What are the complications those can arise in this situation ? To avoid the 221 (g)/ Admin Processing should I go back to Kolkata for stamping ?

Please suggest.

I got my visa stamped successfully from Sydney US consulate. Very easy process.

Hi CC_1


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I got my H1B Visa approved 2 days back and I am currently working in UAE.
The H1B visa letter has home country consulate.
My wife and kid hold a different country passport and we all would like to approach the US consulate/ Embassy in UAE for H1B visa stamping.
Its urgent
Kindly suggest and help


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