First time H1B stamping in India without paystubs


   I am planning to visit India on Dec last week, if I get H1B approved in next week. My question is 
  1. When I will go for H1B stamping in India, I will not have any paystub as I am visiting Inidia before starting work. Will it cause any issue for stamping?

  2. What are other most imp docs I need to carry for successful stamping.

Please answer asap.


  1. That should be ok. I assume your current status is H-4. So you can respond saying that you left soon after getting the approval and that’s why your payroll hasn’t run.

  2. Your docs (degrees, marksheets, passport), employer docs (name, information, contact details, org hierarchy etc), H-1 docs (I-129, LCA, 797) and project/client docs (client letter, MSA, SOW etc)