First time H1B (Entered USA on H4 Visa)stamping in Jamaica Kingston?

Hello all,

Entered USA on H4 visa in Nov, 2011 and applied for H1B with indian consultancy(Employer) and it is approved and i didn’t have USA education. Started working since Oct, 2012 on EVC model. Planning to go for stamping to Jamaica.

Is it risky?? Please share your views…

Hi, did you go to Jamaica for stamping? I am currently in H1B on EVC model (COS from L1B) and planning to go for Visa stamping. Most of my friends are saying that a new H1B stamping has to be done in home country. Stamping with EVC model is very risky in India and hence planning to go to Jamaica or Canada. I can get client letter along with vendor letter. It would be of great helpful if you can share your experience with Visa stamping.



Did you ever go to Jamaica for your first H1B stamping?

I know, it is an old thread. Replying now for someone who come here to get the answer.
No, I didnt go to Jamaica. I went to India after my H1B extension approval and got stamping from India.

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