First time F1 stamping in Mexico US consulate

Hi Saurabh,

Can we go for first time visa stamping to US consulates in Mexico. I want to change my status for H4 to F1 as dates in India are back logged I am planning to go to Mexico.

I would suggest not to go to MX, but to your home country. Even though you may be able to get visa appointment date in MX, they may not issue the visa and ask you to go to your home country. MX is ok for renewals but not first time stamping.

Why can’t you enroll on H-4 for the 1st semester and then re-enroll on F-1 when the same gets approved.

Change of Status stamping is not possible in Mexico.

Refer to 3rd point below : Stamping should be in same visa category

Third Country Nationals* residing in the United States may apply to renew a visa in any category except B1/B2 or H2. NOTE – The applicant must apply to renew in the same visa category and cannot apply in a different category

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Hi @Saurabh @sharinginfoashelp,

I hope you will solve my situation.

I am on an H4 EAD visa and my H4 visa will expire in October 2020. I applied for a master’s degree and got admission to a university. My I-20 got received. So I am thinking to apply for a change of status as I understood that it will take a longer time than I expected, I am planning to cross the border i.e. Mexico for F1 stamping.
But, Recently I keep hearing that F1 status stamping is difficult in Mexico.
Can you please give me some information about why it’s hard to get stamping in Mexico and some suggestion about what to do with my situation.