First name has spaces in passport and is continous in petition


on petition it is XXXXXYY ZZZZZ

On passport it is XXXXX YYY ZZZZZ

XXXXX YYY is my first name.Does it create issue during stamping of H1B

No it does not matter. US legal documents later on such as social security card and driver’s license etc should have the name spelt the way you want it as these are relevant. “Pal” will show as your middle name for now. When you are on flight ready to enter the US, make sure the name is written on customs and immigration form exactly as on the visa page and not on passport page 2.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Thanks Sandeep but can they ask for mismatch during stamping … if yes how to proceed…

Hi Amrit,

The consulate is not interested in any part of your passport so you should be okay. If you are very worried, simply carry ‘one and the same person’ affidavit that says Amritpal Singh and Amrit Pal Singh are ‘one and the same person’ for all legal purposes. Show this document only if asked.