First name has 2 words in passport and filing h4 visa


I’m applying for H4 visa for my husband. His Given name is in the format XXXX YYY and surname ZZZZ.

I noticed that the First name in ds160 does not accept spaces.

Can you please tell me how to fill his name in ds160 so that there wont be any issues of name mismatch during OFC, Interview or immigration.

Please help.



Usually the split first name is filled into the DS160 without spaces. For example Jai Shankar Patel becomes Jaishankar Patel. This way you are not omitting information. Also note that the second part of split first name ‘shankar’ must not be used as a middle name. I have also seen some people use ‘hyphen’ or ‘period’ as character but not sure if that still works.

Well, my first name has a space just like your spouse’s and I always used space and it worked in the past. Not sure, if that is a bug or a recent change. Just now, I even checked my online travel history on.Gov Website as described at : How to Check Your US Travel History, I-94: Screenshots [2022], still it accepted spaces…I think it is a bug, call customer service and clarify.