First name and Last name changes in I 797 /I 129 - Approved H1B petition


I have received my I 129 and I 797 approval copy from my employer for H1B visa stamping since my H1B petition got approved. I noticed the below error:

Name in Passport:

First Name (Given Name): ABC

Last Name (SurName): XYZ (actually my father name is here)

Name printed in I 129 & I 797 copy:

First Name (Given Name): XYZ (actually my father name is here)

Last Name (SurName): ABC

I am worried and i have below question:

  1. Do i need to change the name before stamping?? ( Is it okay to change it later on) ( because except this I 129 and I 797) i have correct names.

  2. There is no letter missed .Instead it was misplaced

  3. If suppose, i need to change it before stamping , please let me know the procedure, time for processing and fees?

Any answer can help me in taking decision faster… Many thanks in advance

@chennaiguy2018 I am on the same boat. I have recently received the Approval notice for my dependent and it has the same error what you are telling. What did you do to rectify the mistakes? please explain me.

Yes, you have to get it corrected. Ask your H1 employer to write to USCIS with the proper proofs of copies of for I129 filing and passport copies.

But this is for My spouse , we submitted I 539 in this case.


Could you please tell me how did you handle this? How long it took to get it corrected. I am also having same issue but with wrong date of birth attorney while filing messed date and month(reversed). Now they have raised SR with USCIS how long will take to get it fixed? Is it okay if i go for visa interview with wrong date and show the original birth proofs if they ask me to prove the date of birth?