First company closed!3rd company initiated H1B??



I work for reputed MNC,infact this is my 3rd company.


First company i worked for has been eventually closed its software operations and some other company bought this company..I dont have any proofs tht i worked in this company other than my offer letter and releiving letter.i worked in this company for 3.5 years.


My second company is US MNC and i have all proofs of my work here.I worked here for 10 months.


I joined my 3rd company before 1.8 years and serving here still.My current employer has initiated my H1B visa and i received my petition number and status is Initial review.


Now i worry that if 3rd party of visa office go to my first company and do verification if they are not able to produce the records..then what visa office will tell to do??


My Another worry is that I have completed my BE during  November 2005 i got placed in my first company during May 2005 and requested for my continuation in the company even i failed in my last semester.They accepted and i continued.


I have applied for F1 visa during 2006 and 2007 and got rejected twice.

Many issues!!!


Please provide best solution based on your experience.




Best regards,


anybody who can answer??