Filling Spouse DS160 before Marriage

Hi ,

I am working in US on L1B visa and will be getting married on June 2nd in India.

I am planning to bring my wife here on L2. For that, I have already filled Ds160 form for her with marital status as “married” and scheduled interview for 8th June.

I also need to get my visa re-stamped and going to India in April for re-stamping my L1 visa. I have scheduled my visa interview for April 3rd. I completed my DS160 with marital status as “single”.

Since dependent L2 visa application has reference of my visa petition number -

My Question is

Will there be any concerns from Visa officer, during my visa interview about my wife-to-be visa appointment.During my visa interview, Will my wife-to-be DS160 form pop up and visa officer has concern about my marital status.Please help guys.

you have to manage marriage certificate before to go for stamping. how can you get it in two days.