Filling H1B in April 13 and H4 in May 13 ,will H4 over right my H1B?

My employer is going to apply for my H1B in this april 2013. I m getting married in May 2013, my wood be is in US only on H1B which is active till 2015. After getting married in May ,I m planning to take LWP and apply for H4 so that I can go along with him. Below are my queries

1) As my H1B is filled in April and my H4 will filled in May ,will my H4 over right my H1B?

2) After marriage ,getting spouse's name endorsement in passport will take time. Will it affect my H4 visa if i apply for H4 without spouse name?

3) Whole process for H4, so that i can go with my hubby ASAP :)

Thanks in advance!