Filling DS-160 before marriage for my wife (fiance)

I am in US on H1B, going to India to get married next month and planning to bring my wife here on H4. This time I have to get my visa re-stamped and get my wife’s visa stamped. My question is
Can I fill my DS-160 for myself and my wife, with marital status as Married. Though I am not married now or should I only fill and submit the form after I get married…I am worried if i will fill and submit later I may not get interview dates within my required window of time. Also can I only schedule the interview for next 15 days and not later, say can not I on 1st schedule and interview for 20th.

Please help guys.

You can complete the DS form with status as married as you will be married on the day on interview.

Hi, I am in a similar situation. what did you mention in your marital status single or married?

I filled “Married” (as I was married at the time of interview).