filled attorney name instead of employer name submitted ds-160

In my DS 160 form, under the temporary work visa information,
in the “name of person/company who filed your petition”, I took it too literally and entered the attorney name who filed my petition on behalf of my employer.

However, in my approved I-129 (I797) form, there is a “PETITIONER: ” field so I realized after advance document submission that it needs to be my employer name instead.

I called up the hyderabad consulate and they asked me to fill up a new ds-160 form and bring it along with the new form. If we verbally intimate to the people there, they’ll consider the new one according to them without a need to reschedule for new appointment.

My questions are the following:
1) Will taking such multiple DS-160 to the consulate have any negative effect on my visa? can it be sufficient to reject my visa? I already submitted the documents and still feel helpless after getting the reply!

2) Is it a serious mistake in the first place? The name of the attorney I entered is also visible in the printed I797 form.

I have my interview in 7 days and need your help urgently! Do you suggest I cancel my interview and re-schedule a new one instead anyway?

First of, it is not a good idea to call consulate on such simple matters, it needlessly draws attention to applications. It is not a serious mistake at all. Silly - yes but not serious. If possible, take a document that shows relationship of lawyer to petitioner, maybe a G-1 or G-2 form if you have it. If not, just go without it. You will be approved.

Dude, I also made the same mistake. Could you please tell me about your experience after that? Did you go to the embassy with your new ds 160 form? What happened after that?

Thanks in advance.

Did you get the answer ?
What information you put into Name of Persons/ company who filed Petition-

Employer Name or Attorney Name?

It needs to be the employer name (in case of H1B/L1) filing your petition