Filing of H1B case (premium processing)

I don’t know exactly if the case was filed on june 11, 2012. I asked my sponsorer and they mentioned that the case is on track and would probably get the information in couple of weeks.

The sponsorer mentioned that they had filed the case through premium processing. How come they would be still waiting for the response as I know that USCIS will take atmost 15 days to respond.

Moreover, if they already knew that they were late, why they would spend so much of money for the processing.

As you mentioned, if its Premium Processing, they would have already got approved/RFE decision by now.

USCIS updated the about the cap-limit a day or two after it actually reached the set count. Hence many employers who might have sent the petitions during that period will get the packages back if it did not reach USCIS on 11th June or earlier. They won't lose the money if their petitions are returned back due to cap-limit.