filing multiple H1's does increase chances in lottery

Hi Friends,

Here I have few questions,

  1. Can we file more than one H1B application from two different employers ?

  2. If yes to First question, then filing multiple H1’s does increase chances in lottery ?

  3. If No to 3rd question how ?

  4. If Yes to 3rd question how?

  5. If we file more than one H1 Application from differenet employers then during Lottery process will the two Applications are treated as single or as two different applications ?

  6. If we apply two H1B applications from different employers will there is a chances of rejecting both ?

Here Few Questions on Fee :

  1. If I file H1b Application from ABC employer and another H1b Application from 123 employer then in lotter if only

Application from ABC is picked and Application from 123 is not picked . So in such case will the fee associated with un picked 123 employer will be deducted or its not an issues ?

Please suggest and I hope I almost covered all questions , so it helps others also .



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  1. Yes, Multiple H1’s are accepted, if from different Employers

  2. Yes, they do

  3. Each petition is treated as a different application

  4. That depends on Employer, Ur Job and Documentation. If everything is fine, U might get both approved

If not picked in Lottery, USCIS will return all the fee paid to it, However the fee paid to attorney cant be returned as it is a service fee

Its a myth that it increases the chance…but in reality in does not …Here is the link