Filing Multiple H1B-(Indian MNC + US Consultant)

Last year (2015) I have filled H1B through one of the US consultants and my case was not picked. They produced me an offer letter and an agreement for security deposit payment. This year (2016) also they will be processing but this time they will be reissuing the both offer and security deposit agreement.

Also my current employer also processing H1B this time. Now I am in an ambivalent situation whether to go ahead with multiple H1B filling or single. I have not informed any of my employers that I have more than one petition being filed.

So my question are,

Is multiple employer filing H1B for same employee legal?Do I need to inform both my employer regarding this?Filling multiple H1B will increase chances of getting selected in lottery?In what are the cases these multiple H1B application will be denied?

  1. Yes, legal

  2. They don’t need to know about the other filing(s)

  3. I think so

  4. Multiple filings are denied if filed through same employer