Filing DS 160 for H4 dependent / H4 Visa


I am Anjana. Me and my husband are planning to visit India. I am filing DS-160 for me. I am an H4 dependent and my husband is on H1-B visa.We both have stamping this time and we are opting for a drop box facility.

After filing 1-140 this year, we got stay of extension in US. Now, both of us have separate approved petition number i.e. for H1B ( my husband) and H4 (me)

In DS-160 filing application for H4 (me), there is a section to enter:

1.Principal Applicant ( Given name & surname), i understand i have to enter my Husband’s name,

2.Below that it ask for ’ Receipt or petition number’: Do i need to enter my approved petition number I-797A (for I-539) or my husband’s petition number?

Kindly suggest …

Thanks and Regards,


Its your husbands approved petition number.