Filed in April and still Initial Review


I got the receipt number saying it was filed on April 9th (Regular, not Premium), and I’m still waiting - should I be worried? Is there anyone else who filed early April and is still waiting? Can I change to premium now?

I also don’t know if my lawayer filed my application under Masters/Regular quota - does that make a difference?

Thanks in advance for your help,


As far as I know, adjudication process for regular filing could take 2-6 months time. I don’t think you need to worry about this delay as it is normal these days. Yes, you may upgrade to Premium Processing now and that way you will get the result in 15 calendar days from the date of upgrade.

I don't think Master's or Regular quota will have any difference in the outcome of the petition.

Even I have receipt number stating that my application was filed on April 9 and still its status is showing Initial Review.
I have learned it will take 2-6 months time to get it processed but out of curiosity i looked up many receipt numbers before and after my number, and to my surprise it showed most of there decision where already made during month of May. Only mine and one immediately above my number is showing status as initial review.
I don’t know how to interpret this? Do they (USCIS) not process petition in sequence? If they do than why my application (and one above mine) is left out from decision?
I am bit worried, does it mean bad news is on its way?

Anyone Please provide some light on this.


I don’t think you should be worrying just by comparing the statuses of a few receipt numbers.
From my experience, there is no specific order in which USCIS is processing the petitions. Our company filed my petition as well as my wife’s petition together (both Premium Processing) and both had receipt date of 10th April. However, her receipt number was way ahead of me (her’s ending with 37 and mine with 71). But my petition got approved on 13th and her petition was approved on 19th.
An option for you would be to upgrade your petition to Premium Processing so that you can get it adjudicated within 15 calendar days.

Hi Oasis.
We’re in the same boat. my app was received on April 9 and I looked up receipt numbers both before and after, most of them got decided. Then, I tried numbers which are quite far from mine but got received on April 9 as well and found out that those were still in the initial review too. So I guess what we can do now is just wait until the end of this month if not yet get decided then give them a call.

Thank you both for the comments.

yes, i guess we cant do much but just to wait. As suggested by both of you i will wait until end of the month and i will contact employer/attorney to follow up with the case. Than I can decide to upgrade to premium processing.

I wonder how many more are there in our situation (9th April & waiting)?
i suggest, those who get there decision first should update others as well.

Thanks for the answers Sujith, Oasis and assasin - I guess I’ll do the same, wait for a couple more weeks and then upgrade to premium if I need to. Just out of curiosity, did either of you file as a future applicant (I’ll begin working at the company that applied for me only on Oct 1)?

Yes. I’ll start working on Oct 1. I’m out of US now.
Will keep you guys posted if get any updates.

Even I am hoping to start from October this year. I am not is US as well as in My home country. I may approach US consulate from current country of residence.

Does any one knows if this matters ? Will it effect processing time if the applicants are not in there home country or in US. ?

This community rocks ! they have come up with H1B tracker… Just what i was looking for.
Kudos to all the team !! xx0xx

I encourage you both to add your respective cases to it.


Same here, my application was received by USCIS in April 9th and it is still in the initial review. Two coworkers of mine are also in the exact same situation… Our company decided to change all application to premium processing in few weeks…

I just can’t wait till the end of this month and let my attorney contact USCIS. They only said that a decision is still pending and a service request has been initiated.
That’s all I get from USCIS.

Hello Assassin,

I filed my case in April too, still in intital review. Can you please provide me with the link to the wqebsite, to check the status of reciept number those are above me and which are approved.

Thanks Raj


My application date is 16th April and still its under initial review.

Same for me :(…My case is on 12th April with WAC. Still under initial review.

yayy I finally got mine approved couple of weeks back, July 27th :slight_smile:

Congrats vish, all the best