Filed for H1B visa yesterday 6/11 but my OPT expires 6/20

My OPT expires 6/20 and to issue a Gap I-20 my DSO says that either my application should be pending or completed. Would I get a receipt till then if not what should I do?

Applied through Premium Processing…

Talk to your DSO. Whether you are eligible for CAP-GAP. That way you can work till 30th Sept.
DSO might ask for a receipt from USCIS, to make sure whether your application packet have reached or not!!

Thanks for the answer, I asked him. He needs a receipt and my status needs to be pending or approved. I’m just worried whether I’ll get my receipt till then or not.

Keep your finger’s crossed.
Which center it is? California is the one which is talking 2-3 days to send receipt even for regular processing. But it is notoriously strict when it comes to approval.

Thanks so much! Yeah very nervous…it’s the Vermont Center. For Premium processing do we get a receipt the next day itself or would it take more time?

There is something called preliminary Cap-Gap but usually it was for OPT ending before June 1st, in which case you don’t need a receipt to apply for Cap-Gap but the H1b petition form, an endorsement from the employer indicating that he has applied for your H1b and a Fedex/USPS/DHL certified mail receipt showing that your H1b has been received. Here is a link that might help but the only issue is states for OPT ending June 1st so try checking if the same works in your case. Also once you get your receipt you will have to apply for Cap-Gap from preliminary Cap-Gap

H-1B and OPT Cap-Gap Extensions | Berkeley International Office?

Check w/ DSO if they will be willing to accept copy of I-129 and FedEx/UPS delivery confirmation. Also show them the USCIS news release stating that receipt generation and delivery has been delayed.

Thanks for your answers Vicky and Saurabh, really appreciate all of your info on this wonderful site! I just got my receipt yesterday…will go talk to my DSO, hope all goes well!