File taxes as Resident Alien or Non resident Alien

Hi experts.

Want to clarify:
I came to the US 2021 as F1 (student visa). Changed to H1B, Oct 2022, and have been on H1B since then.
Would i be able able to file my 2023 taxes as Resident Alien given that combining all my stay in the US, I should have met the Substantial Presence Test?
Or is my Substantial Presence Test number of days only valid for the period I am on H1B?

So want to know if I can go ahead to file my taxes as Resident Alien instead of Non Resident Alien. I don’t want to lose the tax benefit of a resident Alien.

(I know Resident Alien for tax purpose is different from Resident Alien from the USCIS categorization).

Many thanks for your help.

You will be resident alien for tax purpose for

Many thanks for your help