File COS for my wife to H4 - Application Info

Hello Guys…

I am currently in F1 status and my wife is in F2. My H1B got approved but my wife’s COS (to H4) was not filed.

I want to file for her COS. Can you please help me answer these questions?

  1. I understand Form I-539 is required. What other documents are needed besides copies of passport, I94s, F2 I20s, Marriage certificate, I797 approval notice (Mine) and G1145?

  2. If she is filing only for her and not for any dependents- Does she need to file Form I-539a?

  3. Is Form-1134 required when she files for COS?

  4. Can anybody help me understand the difference between these two Questions: Page 2, Part 3, Item number 2a and Page 2, Part 3, Item number 3a. What needs to be checked?

  5. Can anybody help me understand if the box on Page 2, Part 1, Item number 16 needs to be checked?

Best Regards.