Few Questions on H1B for the 2014 season

 I would like you to clarify some questions

    a) Apparently the limit for the H1-B Visa for the 2013 season has been capped.   

       Is there any chance that i can try for the 2013 season or i should try the 2014 season.


        If i can try for the 2013 season. What are the immediate steps, i need to take?


    b) If i apply for the 2014 season, i'm aware that we can start applying in April 2013 for the petition.

       So before April 2013, what are the steps that i need to take for me to get started.


Do i need to get an offer letter, from a Tech company by April?

        I assume that is something i need to get started now, so that i can be ready by April, huh?



    c) If all goes well and the petition is approved and the visa interview goes well and i get the visa say by August 2013.        

     What is the legal date, i can get to the USA and can start working?


    e) I'm using my contacts to try to get an offer, but do u guys recommend sites which have list of companies that sponsor H1-B  petitions?


Can you get back to me on these details?


Again. I appreciate the response.




a) If you plan to work for a private company, No. 2013 season cap is done.

b) You can get your documents to the lawyer and have the packet ready by end of March. Lawyer wil let you know the details.

You can apply for H1B only if you have a employer willing to sponsor your visa. You cannot apply for H1 by yourself.

c) You can start working in USA from Oct 1st 2013 only.

d) We dont suggest that in this forum here, Sorry.

thank u . Appreciate ur response.