few points confusion while filling DS 160

Hello Experts guide me on below points

1.Name of Person/Company who Filed Petition
2.Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S.

3. Any close relatives in US then add address ...( i dont have any relatives in US)

In above all three points i have added
Company(Employer) address

4. Are there other persons traveling with you?

i have my spouse , child below 5 yrs age..shall i add their names in above section of my DS 160 as i am planning to take their appointment with me
but may be they will come after some time(few month later) afteri reach ...

5. Passport Book Number
i have already added passport number but what i have to add in Passport Book Number..i don't find anything for that in my passport

guide me with above point if any one have any idea its really help me
  1. Your US employer name

  2. You can search for any nearby hotel address from the place you are going to work.

  3. If you dont have any relatives in US, you should mention ‘No’

  4. You can add the details of your spouse and child even if they are planning their travel few months later

  5. Select ‘No’

Thanks for reply

two more questions if u dont mind

  1. i have to create separate ds 160 for each dependents and for me
    eg.one for h1b and one for h4 (wife) and one for h4 (child)

  2. in ds 160 of my wife is required and my child name in other traveling person with you section

guide me its really helps me

  1. Yes
  2. In all 3 of your DS160 forms, you need to mention the other 2 person details who are travelling with the applicant.

still have confusion on second point

lets say in my ds 160 i have added my wife and child name as other travelling persons

No in my wife ds 160 who is other travelling person only MY son name or my and my son name?

Same in my son Ds 160 who is other travelling person only MY wife name or my and my wife name ?

Your form - Spouse and Child
Your Wife - You and Child
Your Child - You and your wife.

Thanks buddy
can u guide me on this points too

  1. can any one guide me where to find nonimmigrant visa application fee
    visa fee collection slip of axis bank cash payment and also if we are total four member one on h1 and three on h4 also have seperate ds 160 of all applicannt then i have fill total four receipt or combined one receipt

  2. how schedule interview of all applicant combined in same date and time

  3. child below 5 yr is required to appear fo OFC process for finger printing ?

as i know that child below 5 yr is not required to appear in interview i have confusion in OFC process over their he required or not…